The Review of Archaeology
deals with the unrecorded past, with prehistory. Its primary objective is the evaluation of significant publications in archaeology, related disciplines, as well as other areas of study that may contribute to our understanding..
Contributing Editors
Hans-Georg Bandi (Universität Bern) Palaeolithic Art; Arctic
Ofer Bar-Yosef (Harvard University) Palaeolithic; Neolithic
Peter Bellwood (Australian National University) Southeast Asia; Pacific
John R.F. Bower (University of California, Davis) Sub-Saharan Africa
Jeffrey P. Brain (Peabody Essex Museum, Salem) Southeast U.S.; Historical
Warwick Bray* (University of London) emeritus Isthmus; Northern South America
Roy L. Carlson (Simon Fraser University) Northwest Coast; Western Canada
Paul A. Colinvaux (Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole) Palynology
Dena F. Dincauze* (University of Massachusetts) emeritus Northeast U.S.
William R. Farrand (University of Michigan) Stratigraphy; Geoarchaeology
Richard I. Ford (University of Michigan) Environmental Archaeology
Gai Pei (Academia Sinica, Beijing) North China; Upper Palaeolithic
Gao Xing (Academia Sinica, Beijing) Northeast China; Typology
R. Dale Guthrie (University of Alaska) Pleistocene Palaeontology
Fekri A. Hassan (University College London) Geoarchaeology; North Africa
John F. Hoffecker (INSTAAR, University of Colorado) Palaeolithic; Russia; Beringia
Arthur J. Jelinek (University of Arizona) Palaeolithic; Levant
David H. Kelley (University of Calgary) Mesoamerica; Epigraphy
Mary Elizabeth King (Spokane) Textiles; Southwest U.S.
Yaroslav V. Kuzmin (Pacific Institute of Geography, Novosirbirsk) Geoarchaelogy; Siberia
C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky (Harvard University) Near East; Central Asia
Paul Lane (University of York) Sub-Saharan Africa
Sarah Milliken (University of Oxford) Mesolithic-Neolithic; Mediterranean
Micheal E. Moseley (University of Florida) South America
Hansjürgen Müller-Beck (Universität Tübingen) Western Europe; Arctic
Micheal J. O'Brien (University of Missouri - Columbia) Mississippi Valley
Daniel T. Potts (University of Sydney) Near East
G. Philip Rightmire (SUNY, Binghamton) Palaeoanthropology; Sub-Saharan Africa
Brian Robinson
(University of Maine)
New England and Alaska
Derek A. Roe* (University of Oxford) emeritus Palaeolithic; W. Europe; British Isles
David Sanger (University of Maine) Northeast U.S.
Ralph S. Solecki (Columbia University) Near East
Rose L. Solecki (Columbia University) Near East
James B. Stoltman (University of Wisconsin) Central U.S.
Glenn Summerhayes
(University of Otago) Pacific and South East Asia
R.E. Taylor (University of California, Riverside) Archaeometry
Paul Tolstoy (Université de Montréal) Mesoamerica
Paola Villa (University of Colorado) Palaeoanthropology
Michael Walker (Universidad de Murcia) Western Mediterranean
Frederick H. West (Research in Archaeology, Inc) Subarctic Northwest America; Beringia
J. Peter White (University of Sydney) Pacific; Australia
W. Raymond Wood* (University of Missouri) emeritus Great Plains
William B. Workman (University of Alaska) Northwestern North America
* Emeritus    

Frederick Hadleigh West

Associate Editor
Constance F. West

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