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The Review of Archaeology
deals with the unrecorded past, with prehistory. Its primary objective is the evaluation of significant publications in archaeology, related disciplines, as well as other areas of study that may contribute to our understanding.

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Volume 29

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CONTENTS of this issue

A Brutal Social Landscape:
Mesopotamian Civilization as Exclusive and Explorative
(Review of Algaze)

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Commentary: On the Palaeolithic Hunting in
Central Europe
-At More Than 40,000 Years Ago
H. Müller-Beck
Commentary: Microblades and Seasonality:
Settlement Patterns in the Tangle Lakes Region of Alaska

B.S. Robinson
Spatiotemporal Patterns of the Middle-to-Upper
Palaeolithic Transition in Eurasia: The Late 2000s Update

(Review of Meignen; Conard; Joris and Adler; Vishnyatsky)
Y.V. Kuzmin and
E.P. Rybin
Into the Open-Palaeolithic Art in Portugal
(Review of Baptista)

H.-G. Bandi
A Note on Drachenloch, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland
(Review of Baumann)

H.-G. Bandi
Becoming Human
(Review of Renfrew and Morley)

G. Summerhayes
Mixtec Archaeology and Codices
(Review of Kowalewsky et al.)
D.H. Kelley
Culture, Ethnogenesis and Gulag
(Review of
P.A. Eltsov
Getting Serious About Cultural Transmission
(Review of Stark, Bowser, and Horne)
M.J. O'Brien

                Necrology:       Richard E. Morlan

                               The Archaeological Record

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archaeology site

The Review of Archaeology
deals with the unrecorded past, with prehistory. Its primary objective is the evaluation of significant publications in archaeology, related disciplines, as well as other areas of study that may contribute to our understanding.
Volume 28  

CONTENTS of this issue

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Near East
May the Revolution Prosper
The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East: Transforming the Human Landscape
(Review of ALAN H. SIMMONS)

Peter Bellwood

Northeast U.S.
Invited Review:
Archaic Traditions and Long-Term Patterning in the Far Northeast
(Review of DAVID SANGER and M. A. P. RENOUF)

Susan Blair
Archaeological Theory
The Quest for Modern Human Behavior: Breaking a Stalemate

John R.F. Bower
Historical Archaeology
Whither Historical Archaeology in Africa?
(Review of E.A. YAMAUCHI)

Paul J. Lane
Bronze Age
The Eurasian Steppes and their Cultural Progeny

D.T. Potts
Archaeological Theory

Peter White
What’s New? Some Basic Issues in the Study of Cultural Innovation

Michael J. O’Brien
The Late Lower Palaeolithic in Southern Germany.
Essay on the Earliest History of Man,
1955 - 2005: A Reflection

Hansjürgen Müller-Beck

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The Review of Archaeology
deals with the unrecorded past, with prehistory. Its primary objective is the evaluation of significant publications in archaeology, related disciplines, as well as other areas of study that may contribute to our understanding.

Volume 27   2006
CONTENTS of this issue

Archaeology for Our Times: Water and Civilization
(Review of Scarborough)

E. Hassan

Pursuing Neandertals
(Review of De Loecker)

P. Villa

A Major Report on Shanidar Cave
(Review of Solecki, Solecki and Agelarakis)

O. Bar-Yosef

The Timing of Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Eueasia:The Siberian Contribution to the Origin of Modern Humans
(Review of
Derevianko et al.; Brantingham et al.;Derevianko)

Y. V. Kuzmin

Human Evolution, Biology, and Early European Stone Age Art
(Review of Guthrie; Hodgson; Hodgson and Helvenston; Berrocal)

M. J. Walker

All Quiet on the Eastern Front
(Review of
Bowersock; Parker)

D. T. Potts
New Zealand Archaeology--Another 50 Years
(Review of
Furey and Holdaway; Sutton, Furey and Marshall; Irwin)
G. R. Summerhayes
An Encyclopedia of Ancient Astronomy
(Review of
Kelly and Milone)
V. R Bricker
Preceramic Civilization of Peru: Revolutionary Data, Pioneering Interpretations
(Review of
Solis; Solis and Leyva)
M.E. Moseley
Geoarchaeology Coming of Age
(Review of
Goldberg and Macphail)
W. R Farrand
Commentary: An Introduction to Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
Dating in Archaeology and Palaeontolgy
A. R. Skinner
Necrology         Robson Bonnichsen  

The Archaeological Record



Volume 26, Number 2   Fall 2005
CONTENTS of this issue

Mimbres and Zuni: Certainties and Probabilities
(Review of Brody)

R.L. Carlson

New Guinea and Its Place in World Prehistory
(Review of Pawley, Attenborough, Golson and Hide)

P. Bellwood

Incredible Journey: Plains Bison Hunters in the Arctic
(Review of Kunz, Bever, and Adkins)

J.F. Hoffecker

From the Desert, Prophets Come?
(Review of
Smith and Hesse)

J.P. White

Similarities and Differences in the Lithic Technologies of Southern France Aurignacian
(Review of Bon)

A. Bietti

What Can Archaeology Do With Boyd and Richerson's Cultural Evolutionary Program?
(Review of
Richerson and Boyd)

B. Marwick

The Archaeological Record

Index to Volumes 26



Volume 26, Number 1   Spring 2005
CONTENTS of this issue

Hominin Tar Babies, Palaeolithic Chewing Gum, Middle Pleistocene Gloop, and Dissipative Systems
(Review of Cameron and Groves; Kingdon; Habgood; Conde and Ayala; Friess; Lahr)

M.J. Walker

What is Technology?
(Review of Dobres)

J.F. Hoffecker

A Tale of Four Archaic Period Shell Middens on the Gulf of Maine
(Review of Bourque; Byers; Hadlock; Rowe, Spiess and Lewis)

B.S. Robinson

Geoarchaeology in the Field
(Review of Cremeens and Hart)

W.R. Farrand

The Palaeolithic of Northeast Asia and Beringia from the Siberian Perspective: When Quality Suffers
(Review of Madsen)

Y.V. Kuzmin and
E.P. Rybin
 Necrology: Frederica de Laguna  


Volume 25, Number 2   Fall 2004
CONTENTS of this issue
Commentary: Genesis and Evolution of Human Thought
H.W.H Müller-Beck
and M. Porr
Yankee Walls (Review of Thorson) D.F. Dincauze

Archaeology of Modern Human Origins: What's Culture Got to Do With It?
(Review of
Klein and Edgar; Henshilwood and Marean; d'Errico, et al.)

J.R.F. Bower
The Uruk Explosion: More Heat Than Light? (Review of Rothman) D.T. Potts
Reflections onThinking: History, Philosophy, and American Archaeology (Review of Wylie) M.J. O'Brien
The Archaeological Record
Index to Volumes 24 and 25
Volume 25, Number 1   Spring 2004
CONTENTS of this issue
An Important New Discovery of Ice Age Hunters' Art in France (Review of Clottes)
H.G. Bandi
New Centers of Complexity in the Iranian Bronze Age (Review of Madjidzadeh; Shahmirzadi) C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky
Kingship and Other Myths at Quirigua (Review of Looper) D.H. Kelley
An Incomplete View of Italian Hunter-Gatherer Prehistory (Review of Mussi) A. Bietti
The Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers (Review of Fitzhugh and Habu) H.W.H. Müller-Beck
Response to Stahl (B.J. Meggers)  
 Necrology: Stanley J. Olsen; William R. Powers  
The Archaeological Record


Volume 24, Number 2
Fall 2003
Special Issue
"The Nature of the Transition From the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic
in East Asia and the Pacific" Edited by Yaroslav V. Kuzmin
Click to download  Introduction to Fall 2003 (PDF file)
Introduction: Changing the Paradigm Y.V. Kuzmin
Understanding the Beginnings of Pottery Technology in Japan and Neighboring East Asia C.T. Keally,
Y. Taniguchi,
and Y.V. Kuzmin
Chronology of the Transition From Palaeolithic to Neolithic in China X. Wu and C. Zhao
Microblades, Pottery, and the Nature and Chronology of the Palaeolithic-Neolithic Transition in China D.J Cohen
The Palaeolithic- Neolithic Transition in the Russian Far East Y.V. Kuzmin and
I.Y. Shewkomud
Radiocarbon Chronology of the Palaeolithic Complexes and the Transition to the Neolithic in Korea K. Bae And J.C. Kim
The Mongolian Early Holocene: Excavations at Chikhen Agui Rockshelter in the Gobi Altai A.P. Derevianko,
T.I. Nohrina.
and J.W. Olson
Chronology of the Neolithic Transition in Island Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific: A View from 2003 M. Spriggs
Volume 24, Number 1 Spring 2003

Commentary: The "Two Cultures" in American Anthropological Archaeology

R.E. Taylor

Civilization, State or Tribe? Bactria and Margiana in the Bronze Age
(Review of Askarov and Shirinov; Sarianidi)


The Quest For Our Human Ancestors
(Review of Relethford; Schwartz and Tattersall)

M.J. Walker

Extreme Palaeolithic
(Review of Hoffecker)

S.L. Kuhn

Close Encounters: Neanderthals and Modern Humans in the Middle Palaeolithic Levant

J.J. Shea

Population Fluctuation, Climatic Events, and Culture History in Northeast America
(Review of Fiedel)

B.S. Robinson

Communications: Response to Schroeder

A. Kehoe


S. Schroeder


Volume 23, Number 2 Fall 2002

Geoarchaeology -- Theory and Application
(Review of Goldberg, Holliday and Ferring, eds.)

W.R. Farrand

Mississippian Political Organization: Economy versus Ideology
(Review of Cobb; Muller; Pauketat)

S. Schroeder

Taxonomic Identification of Zooarchaeological Remains
(Review of Driver; Gobalet)

R.L. Lyman

Out of Africa and Out of Asia? New Light on Early Hominid Dispersals
(Review of Lordkipanidze, Bar-Yosef and Otte, eds.; Straus and
Bar-Yosef, eds.)

S. Milliken

Insularity in Prehistory: the Case of Sicily
(Review of Leighton)

A. Bietti and
A.M. Bietti-Sestieri

Paradigms in Paradise: Revising Standard Amazonian Prehistory
P.W. Stahl
So, Where Are All the Missing Bones?
(Review of Snead)
C.G. Turner II














Volume 23, Number 1 Spring 2002

Lapita Ascendant
(Review of Clark, Anderson and Vunidilo, eds.; Summerhayes; Kirch, ed.)

P. Bellwood

Archaeological Taxonomy: Beyond Typology to Behavior
(Review of Williamson and Watts, eds.; Levine, Sassaman and Nassaney, eds.)

D. Sanger

From Peds to Pedagogy: A History of Geoarchaelogy on the Plains
(Review of Mandel, ed.)

D.G. Wyckoff

The Domestication of Death
(Review of Botteéro, Herrenschmidt and Vernant; Bahrani; Kuijt, ed.;
Arnold and Wicker, eds.; Pearson; Aruz, Farkas, Alekseev and Korolkova, eds.)

D.T. Potts

The State-of-the-Art of Phytolith Analysis: An International Perspective
(Review of Pinilla, Juan-Tresserras and Machado, eds.; Meunier and Colin, eds.)

D.M. Pearsall

Life on the Edge: Adaptation in the Great Basin and on its Margins
(Review of Kelly; Connolly; Madsen and Metcalf, eds.; Kamp and Whittaker)
R.L. Carlson
Fuel, Fire and Fireplaces in the Palaeolithic of Western Europe
(Review of Theéry-Parisot)
P. Villa, F. Bon
and J.C. Castel
















Volume 22, Number 2
Fall 2001
Special Issue
New Research Trends in the Archaeology of China: A Tribute to K.C. Chang
Edited by David J. Cohen and Robert E. Murowchick
Click to download Introduction to Fall 2001 (PDF file)

Introduction: K.C.Chang and Chinese Archaeology Today

D.J. Cohen and
R.E. Murowchick

Settlement Archaeology and the Study of Social Complexity in China

L. Lui and
X.C. Chen

Interaction Spheres and the Development of Social Complexity in Northeast China

G. Shelach

The Construction of an Archaeological Chronology for the History of the Shang Dynasty of Early Bronze Age China

J.G. Tang

Searching for Shang's Beginnings: Great City Shang, City Song, and Collaborative Archaeology in Shangqiu, Henan

R.E. Murowchick
and D.J. Cohen

The Human Impact on the Mechanism of Desertification in the Kerqin Sandy Region During the Holocene Y.Q. Song and
L.X. Zhang


Volume 22, Number 1 Spring 2001

Anthropocentric Palaeoecology
(Review of Dincauze)

W.R. Farrand

New Views on the Origins of Agriculture in Southwestern Asia
(Review of Kozlowski; Aurenche and Kozlowski; Özdogan and Basgelen; Cauvin)

O. Bar-Yosef

A Vanished Human Presence
(Review of Turner and Turner)

Y. Cruz

Paradigm Lost: Pleistocene Environments of the Amazon Basin
(Continued Forest Cover in Perpetual Flux, Part 2)

P. Colinvaux

Archaeology and Quaternary Research: The Post Pleistocene Adaptations, an Archaeological Perspective
(Review of Ekiksen and Straus, eds.)
A. Bietti
The Native Population of Western Siberia
(Review of Bagashev, ed.)
C.G. Turner ll
Commentary: On the Road Again. . . Reflections on Monte Verde

T.F. Lynch


Volume 21, Number 2 Fall 2000

Ancient Mexican Books
(Review of Boone and Brotherston)

D.H. Kelly

The Winds of Change: Writing History Before Europeans
(Review of Kirch)

G.R. Summerhayes

Paradigm Lost: Holocene Environments of the Amazon Basin
(Physical Evidence and Palaeoclimates, Part 1)

P. Colinvaux

Arctic Pioneers: Reconstructing Life and Death Among
the Palaeo-Eskimo
(Review of McGhee)

J.F. Hoffecker

Language Families in the Pre-Columbian Americas
(Review of Fortescue)
J.H. Greenberg
In the Beginning
(Review of Mobley)
F.H. West
Communications: Response to O'Brien and Lyman A. Kehoe
M. O'Brien and Lyman
Volume 21, Number 1 Spring 2000
Special Issue
(Special Review):Current Research in Palaeolithic Art


H.-G. Bandi

Recent Publications on Ice Age Art in Western Europe

H.-G. Bandi

The Impact of Recent Discoveries on Our Knowledge
of Rock Art of the European Palaeolithic

D. Sacchi

Recent Key Publications on Palaeolithic and Post-Palaeolithic
Hunters' Art in Central and Eastern Europe, and Siberia

H. Müller-Beck

Geoarchaeology of the Lower, Middle and Early Upper
Palaeolithic of Siberia: A Review of Current Evidence
Y. V. Kuzmin
Ethnogenesis on the Great Plains
(Review of Schlesier, ed.)
W. R. Wood
The Study of Animal Remains in the Past [Part 1];
Zooarchaeology Today [Part 2]
(Review of Reitz and Wing, eds.)
S. J. Olsen


Volume 20, Number 2 Fall 1999

Dental Variation and Human History
(Review of Scott and Turner)

G.P. Rightmire

And You Shall Eat the Plants of the Field
(Review of Damania et al., eds.)

O. Bar-Yosef

Language and Prehistory
(Review of Greenberg)

J.E. Rasmussen
and F. Cavoto

Commentary: The Future of Evolutionary Archaeology

M.J. O'Brien
and R.L. Lyman

Colonizing the Limits
(Review of Irwin; Bahn and Flenley; Lee)
P. Bellwood
Middle Pleistocene Behavior in the Dordogne
(Review of Rigaud, ed.)
A. Bietti
The Godwin Archive
(Review of
Mahaney, ed.)
P.A. Colinvaux
Monk's Caves and Short Memories
(Review of Neudorfer)
D.F. Dincauze
Reconstructing Historic Subsistence
(Review of Reitz and Scarry)
Writing at Teotihuacan
(Review of Langlet; Berrin, ed.)
D.H. Kelley
Faunal Frauds and Other Planned Hoaxes
(Review of Feder)
S.J. Olsen
The Neopalaeolithic
(Review of Gamble)
D.A. Roe
Archaeology in the Press
(Review of Popular and Semi-Popular Articles)
F.H. West
 The Archaeological Record


Volume 20, Number 1 Spring 1999
Preposterism: Oxymorons of Post-Modern Prehistory
(Review of Isbell)
M. E Moseley
Who Is the Potter, Pray, and Who the Pot?
(Review of Kirch; Spriggs)
J. P. White
Beringia and the Peopling of the New World
(Review of West, ed.)  
H. G. Bandi
Commentary: On Lumping and Splitting in Linguistics and Biology J. H. Greenberg
Trans-Pacific Contacts: What? Where and When?
(Review of Needham and Lu)
P. Tolstoy
The Year of the Vikings
(Review of Randsborg)
T. D. Price
On the Philistines
(Review of
 J. D. Muhly
The Perishable Preserved: Ancient Textiles from the Old World Comparisons
From the New World
(Review of Barber)
M. E. King
The Restoration of Time: Radiocarbon Dating 1965-1986/ 6
(Review of Stuiver, ed.)
F. A. Hassan
The Sign System of Old Europe 5500-4000 B.C.
(Review of Winn)
M. Gimbutas
The Roots of Writing in Europe
(Review of Winn)
W.A. Fairservis Jr.


Volume 19, Number 2 Fall 1998
Special Issue
The Transition to Agriculture in the Old World 
Edited by Ofer Bar-Yosef
Click to download Introduction to Fall 1998 (PDF file}

Introduction: Some Comments on the History of Research

O. Bar-Yosef

The Origins of Agriculture in Southwest Asia

D.R. Harris

Pre-and Proto-Historic Agricultural and Pastoral Transformations in Northwestern South Asia

R.H. Meadow

The Origins of Domesticated Cereals and the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in East Asia

D.J. Cohen

The Origins of Agriculture in Africa: With Particular Reference to Sorghum and Pearl Millet

W. Wetterstrom

Early Food Production in Africa

F. Marshall

Agricultural Origins: Caught Between Hypotheses and a Lack of Hard Evidence

O. Bar-Yosef


Volume 19, Number 1 Spring 1998
Ice-Age Amazon and the Problem of Diversity
(New Interpretation of Pleistocene Amazonia)
P. Colinvaux
A Very Important Upper Pleistocene Site in Southern Italy:
Grotta di Castelcivita (Salerno Campania)

(Review of Gambossini, ed.)
A. Bietti
Sloan: Dalton-Age Occupation of Northeastern Arkansas
(Review of
M.J. O'Brien
The De Soto Entrada Into the Southeastern United States
(Review of Calloway, ed.; Ewen and Hann)
J. P. Brain
Colonialism, Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Archaeology
(Review of Chakrabarti; Jones; Kohl and Fawcett) Part 2
C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Volume 18, Number 2 Fall 1997

Colonialism, Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Archaeology
(Review of Chakrabarti; Jones; Kohl and Fawcett) Part 1

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Early America B.C.: The Prehistory of British Columbia from Ca. 10,500 to 5,000 BP
(Review of Carlson and Dalla Bona)

W.B. Workman

Ephemeral Archaeology
(Review of Cribb)

R.S. Solecki

Taiwan and Prehistory of the Austronesian-Speaking Peoples
(Review of Jen-kuei Li, et al.)



P. Bellwood
Volume 18, Number 1 Spring 1997
The Archaeology of the European Neanderthals: East and West
(Review of Mellars)
J.E. Hoffecker
Agricultural Origins in North America
(Contemporary Works on Pre-Columbian Agriculture)
R.I. Ford
 Climate, Culture, and Punctuated Change: New Dates, New Challanges
(Review of Abbott, et al.; Binford, et al.)
M.E. Moseley
Keeping Track of Time: Dating Monte Alegre and the Peopling of South America
(Review of Roosevelt, et al.)
K.B. Tankersley
 Demise of the "Gran Chichimeca"?
(Review of Woosley and McIntyre; Reyman, ed.)
R.L. Carlson
Commentary: Review of a Review; Commentary on a Commentary F.H. West
Volume 17, Number 2
Fall 1996
Special Issue
Special Issue Contributions to the Historical Archaeology of European
Exploration and Colonization in North America
Edited by J.P. Brain
Click to download Introduction to Fall 1998 (PDF file}
Introductory Remarks J.P. Brain

Historical Archaeology: A Retrospective

J.L. Cotter

Some Thoughts on Theory in Historical Archaeology: A Personal Perspective

S. South

Iron Blooms, Elizabethans, and Politics: The Frobisher Project 1974-1995

W.W. Fitzhugh

Historical Archaeology and Archaeological History: A View from Jamestown

W.M. Kelso

The Forgotten Colonies: Seventeenth-Century English Settlement in Newfoundland, Canada

J.A. Tuck

Saint Castinís Habitation: The Archaeology of Acadian Maine in Retrospection

A. Faulkner

A Tool for Fighting Treasure Hunting

J.B. Arnold III

The Search for the Sitka Fort: An Archaeological Anecdote

F.H. West


Volume 17, Number 1 Spring 1996
Special Issue
Contributions To the Archaeology of Northeastern North America   Edited by Brian S. Robinson
Introduction B. S. Robinson

Palaeoindians in the Northeast: The Problem of Dating Fluted Point Sites

M.L. Curran

Holocene or Hollow Scene? The Search for the Earliest Archaic Cultures in New York State

R. Funk

The Five-Square Strategy for Excavating Colluvial Slopes

R.M. Thorson

Archaic Period Burial Patterning in Northeastern North America

B.S. Robinson

Deconstructing Shell Middens in New England

D.F. Dincauze

On Misguided Methodology: A Response to Dincauze

B.J. Bourque

An Analysis of Seasonal Transhumance Models for Pre-European State of Maine

D. Sanger

The Origin of the Iroquoians

N. Clermont


Volume 16, Number 2 Fall 1995

Sir Aurel Stein and Was There a Bronze Age Silk Road?
(Review of Walker; Potts)

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Issues in Northwest Coast Prehistory
(Review of Matson and Coupland)

R.L. Carlson

Diverse Views on the Repatriation of Human Skeletal Remains: Larson Bay
and the Smithsonian

(Review of Bray and Killion, eds.)

J. Merriman and G.P. Rightmire

Transitory Transformations?
(Review of Allen and OíConnell, eds.)

J.P. White

Genes, Languages, and Other Things
(Review of Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi, and Piazza)

J.H. Greenberg


Volume 16, Number 1 Spring 1995

Middle Woodland Research in the Midwestern U.S.
(Review of Greber and Ruhl; Fortier et al.; Charles, Leigh, and Buikstra; Wiant and McGimsey)

J.B. Stoltman

Father Thames and the British Pleistocene
(Review of Bridgland; Gibbard)

D.A. Roe

Recent Progress in Understanding the Indus Script
(Review of Parpola; Fairservis; Alekseeva, Knorozov, Kondratov, and Volchok; Gurov, Knorozov, and Volchok)

D.H. Kelley and
B. Wells

Archaeological Research in the Center Mississippi Valley: Culture History Gone Awry
(Review of Morse and Morse; Dye and Cox; Morse; Morse)

M.J. OíBrien

Communication: Analysis of Calico Lithics: A Reply to Taylor

L.W. Patterson

More on the "Misadventure at Calico": In Response to Patterson

R.E. Taylor


Volume 15, Number 2 Fall 1994

Archaeometry at the Calico Site
(Review of Berger; Payen; Bischoff et al.; Bischoff, Ikeya, and Budinger; Budinger, Boley, and Gillespie)

R.E. Taylor

Epigraphy and Other Fantasies
(Review of Williams)

D.H. Kelley

The Archaeology of Recent Warfare
(Review of Fox; Delgado, Lenihan, and Murphy; Lenihan, ed.)

W.R. Wood

V. Gordon Childe: The Legend Lives
(Review of Harris, ed.)

F.A. Hassan

New Light on the Horizon
(Review of Bauer; Burger)

M.E. Moseley


Volume 15, Number 1 Spring 1994

A New Handbook on Italian Prehistory
(Review of Guidi and Piperno, eds.)

A. Bietti

Honk If Youíve Seen Sahul
(Review of Smith, Spriggs, and Fankhauser, eds.)

J.P. White

Early African Food Production: New Directions in Research
(Review of Sutton, ed.; Marshall; Robertshaw; Leakey and Slikkerveer, eds.)

J.R.F. Bower

Colonizing the Limits
(Review of Irwin; Bahn and Flenley; Lee)

P. Bellwood

Review of Southeastern Archaeology
(Review of Johnson, ed.; Stoltman, ed.)

J.P. Brain

Giving the Dead Their Due? Reanalysis, Repatriation, and Reburial at the Uyak Site
(Review of Dumond and Scott)

W.B. Workman

Volume 14, Number 2 Fall 1993

Landmark Sites of the British Palaeolithic
(Review of Ashton, et al., eds.; Singer, et al., eds.; Barton, ed.)

D.A. Roe

New Dates Advance Our Understanding of Later Pleistocene Human Evolution
(Review of Aitken, et al., eds.)

G.P. Rightmire

Antecedents and Ancestors, at Last
(Review of Robinson, et al., eds.)

D.F. Dincauze

Bricks and Walls: Facts and Fictions
(Review of Gurcke; Waldron)

S.J. Olsen

Communication: The Battle of Beikthano

J. Stargardt


P. Bellwood


Volume 14, Number 1 Spring 1993

The Palaeolithic Prehistory of Baikal Siberia
(Review of Medvedev, et al., eds.)

Gai Pei and
I. Antoshchenko-Olenev

Treasure in the Lower Mississippi Valley
(Review of Brain)

W. G. Haag

Memorial to a Pacific Polymath
(Review of Pawley, ed.)

J.P. White

Soil Science and a Northwest Coast Shell Midden
(Review of Stein, ed.)

R.L. Carlson

Some Views on Great Plains Prehistory
(Review of Blakeslee)

W.R. Wood

Recent Publications on Egypt
(Review of Martin; Quirke and Spencer, eds.; Clark)

S.J. Olsen

The Decipherment of the Epi-Olmec Script as Zoquean by Justeson and Kaufman
(Review of Justeson and Kaufman)

D.H. Kelley


Volume 13, Number 2 Fall 1992

Early Burmese Urbanisation: Inspired Independence or External Stimulus
(Review of Stargardt)

P. Bellwood

Anasazi Cannibalism
(Review of White)

C.G. Turner II

The Indus Civilization: A Multi-Disciplinary Account
(Review of Meadow, ed.)

W.A. Fairservis, Jr.

Faunal Frauds and Other Planned Hoaxes
(Review of Feder)

S.J. Olsen

Searching for Settlement Patterns in the Palaeolithic: A Regional Perspective
(Review of Voorrips, et al., eds.)

A. Bietti

Amazonia: Real or Counterfeit Paradise?
(Review of Roosevelt)

B.J. Meggers


Volume 13, Number 1 Spring 1992

Writing and Calendrics at Teotihuacan
(Review of Berrin, ed.)

D.H. Kelley

The Perishable Preserved: Ancient Textiles from the Old World with Comparisons from the New World
(Review of Barber)

M.E. King

Megaliths and Mega-myths
(Review of Chapman)

M.J. Walker

Some Durable Interim Statements on the Prehistory of Northernmost North America
(Review of Damas, ed.)

W. Workman

Communication: "Constructing" the Past

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky


Volume 12, Number 2 Fall 1991

The Early Neolithic of the Levant: Recent Advances
(Review of Hillman, Colledge, and Harris; Hillman and Davies; Kenyon; Kenyon and Holland, eds.; Van Zeist; Zohary and Hopf)

O. Bar-Yosef

Mississippian Foundations and Emergence
(Review of Nassaney and Cobb; Smith, ed.)

J.P. Brain

From Debitage Chips to Social Models of Production: The Refitting Method of Old World Archaeology
(Review of Cziesla, Eickoff, Arts, and Winter, eds.)

P. Villa

Ecology and Great Plains Studies
(Review of Bamforth)

W.R. Wood

Clay Objects from Near Eastern Village Sites
(Review of Broman Morales)

R.L. Solecki

Communication: Through the Looking Glass: A Rejoinder to Coe and Diehlís
"Reply to Hammond"

J. Graham


Volume 12, Number 1 Spring 1991

Pushing the Frontiers of Knowledge
(Review of Ellis and Lothrop)

D.F. Dincauze

More on Meadowcroft Radiocarbon Chronology
(Review of Adovasio, Donahue, and Stuckenrath)

C. Vance Haynes, Jr.

Middle Pleistocene Human Behavior in Dordogne: Hunting or Scavenging?
(Review of J. Ph. Rigaud, ed.)

A. Bietti

Reconstructing the Behavior of Early Humans in East Africa
(Review of Potts)

G.P. Rightmire

Engraved Art of the Magdalenian
(Review of Pales)

A. de G. Sieveking

Communications: Reply to Hammond's "Cultura Hermana: Reappraising the Olmec"

M.D. Coe, R.A. Diehl,
and P. Tolstoy


Volume 11, Number 2 Fall 1990

Wall Paintings of Çatal Hüyük
(Review of Mellaart, Hirsch, and Balpinar)

M. Gimbutas

Foraging Towards Farming: A Decisive Transition or a Millennial Blur?
(Review of Harris and Hillman, eds.)

P. Bellwood

Archaeology in the Press: Science Misserved?
(Review of articles from The New York Times and Science)

F.H. West

Environmental Archaeology
(Review of Bintliff, Davidson, and Grant, eds.)

W.R. Farrand

Commentary - The American Indian Language Controversy

J.H. Greenberg


Volume 11, Number 1 Spring 1990

Proto-Tifinagh and Proto-Ogham in the Americas
(Review of Fell; Fell and Farley; Fell and Reinert; Johannessen, et al.; McGlone and Leonard; Totten)

D.H. Kelley

Breaching the Language Barrier: A New Resource for the Study of Chinese Archaeology (Review of Dien, Riegel, and Price, eds.)

L. von Falkenhausen

Recent Publications in Faunal Analysis
(Review of Gillispie and Dewachter; Guthrie; Morphy, ed.; Weigelt; Wheeler and Jones)

S.J. Olsen

Two Archaeological Phenomena; B.A.R. and the Beginnings of the Upper Palaeolithic
(Review of Hershkovitz, ed.; Bar-Yosef and Vandermeersch, eds.; Hoffecker and Wolf, eds.; Azoury; Bergman; Ohnuma)

D.A. Roe

Bone Chemistry: Problems and Prospects
(Review of Price, ed.)

K.A. Spielmann and
C.G. Turner II


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