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The Review of Archaeology
deals with the unrecorded past, with prehistory. Its primary objective is the evaluation of significant publications in archaeology, related disciplines, as well as other areas of study that may contribute to our understanding.

Volume 22, Number 2
Fall 2001
Special Issue
New Research Trends in the Archaeology of China: A Tribute to K.C. Chang
Edited by David J. Cohen and Robert E. Murowchick

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Introduction: K.C.Chang and Chinese Archaeology Today D.J. Cohen and
R.E. Murowchick

Settlement Archaeology and the Study of Social Complexity in China

L. Lui and
X.C. Chen

Interaction Spheres and the Development of Social Complexity in Northeast China

G. Shelach

The Construction of an Archaeological Chronology for the History of the Shang Dynasty of Early Bronze Age China

J.G. Tang

Searching for Shang's Beginnings: Great City Shang, City Song, and Collaborative Archaeology in Shangqiu, Henan

R.E. Murowchick
and D.J. Cohen

The Human Impact on the Mechanism of Desertification in the Kerqin Sandy Region During the Holocene Y.Q. Song and
L.X. Zhang


Volume 21, Number 1 Spring 2000
Special Issue
(Special Review):Current Research in Palaeolithic Art


H.-G. Bandi

Recent Publications on Ice Age Art in Western Europe

H.-G. Bandi

The Impact of Recent Discoveries on Our Knowledge
of Rock Art of the European Palaeolithic

D. Sacchi

Recent Key Publications on Palaeolithic and Post-Palaeolithic
Hunters' Art in Central and Eastern Europe, and Siberia

H. Müller-Beck

Geoarchaeology of the Lower, Middle and Early Upper
Palaeolithic of Siberia: A Review of Current Evidence
Y. V. Kuzim
Ethnogenesis on the Great Plains
(Review of Schlesier, ed.)
W. R. Wood
The Study of Animal Remains in the Past [Part 1];
Zooarchaeology Today [Part 2]
(Review of Reitz and Wing, eds.)
S. J. Olson


Volume 19, Number 2 Fall 1998
Special Issue
The Transition to Agriculture in the Old World 
Edited by Ofer Bar-Yosef
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Introduction: Some Comments on the History of Research

O. Bar-Yosef

The Origins of Agriculture in Southwest Asia

D.R. Harris

Pre-and Proto-Historic Agricultural and Pastoral Transformations in Northwestern South Asia

R.H. Meadow

The Origins of Domesticated Cereals and the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in East Asia

D.J. Cohen

The Origins of Agriculture in Africa: With Particular Reference to Sorghum and Pearl Millet

W. Wetterstrom

Early Food Production in Africa

F. Marshall

Agricultural Origins: Caught Between Hypotheses and a Lack of Hard Evidence

O. Bar-Yosef



Volume 17, Number 2
Fall 1996
Special Issue
Special Issue Contributions To the Historical Archaeology of European
Exploration and Colonization in North America
Edited by J.P. Brain
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Introductory Remarks J.P. Brain

Historical Archaeology: A Retrospective

J.L. Cotter

Some Thoughts on Theory in Historical Archaeology: A Personal Perspective

S. South

Iron Blooms, Elizabethans, and Politics: The Frobisher Project 1974-1995

W.W. Fitzhugh

Historical Archaeology and Archaeological History: A View from Jamestown

W.M. Kelso

The Forgotten Colonies: Seventeenth-Century English Settlement in Newfoundland, Canada

J.A. Tuck

Saint Castinís Habitation: The Archaeology of Acadian Maine in Retrospection

A. Faulkner

A Tool for Fighting Treasure Hunting

J.B. Arnold III

The Search for the Sitka Fort: An Archaeological Anecdote

F.H. West

Volume 17, Number 1 Spring 1996
Special Issue
Contributions To the Archaeology of Northeastern North America
Edited by Brian S. Robinson
Introduction B.S. Robinson

Palaeoindians in the Northeast: The Problem of Dating Fluted Point Sites

M.L. Curran

Holocene or Hollow Scene? The Search for the Earliest Archaic Cultures in New York State

R. Funk

The Five-Square Strategy for Excavating Colluvial Slopes

R.M. Thorson

Archaic Period Burial Patterning in Northeastern North America

B.S. Robinson

Deconstructing Shell Middens in New England

D.F. Dincauze

On Misguided Methodology: A Response to Dincauze

B.J. Bourque

An Analysis of Seasonal Transhumance Models for Pre-European State of Maine

D. Sanger

The Origin of the Iroquoians

N. Clermont

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